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New Products

New System

A.  Seek Neutral at shutdown (SNS-01)

B.  Electronic Shift Control (LP7-01)

C.  Air Shifter for Allison 1000/2000 (S-AS000-01)

D.  Harnessing

The budget minded LP7 series is capable of providing the performance characteristics of more expensive electronic shift selectors at a fraction of the cost.


Seeks Neutral At Shutdown Module (SNAS-01)

For vehicles that are not equipped with a transmission with park position, engine startup and shutdown are performed in the neutral range. Failure to do so could cause damage to the transmission. To accommodate this, Stone Bennett Corporation offers SNAS; a modular solution to preventing engine shutdown with the transmission in range.

SNAS is designed to interface the accessory box Neutral Off Module (NOM) or NOM harness. Easily installed between the range selector harness and panel harness, the SNS-01 module senses the ignition off signal and performs the necessary shifts to achieve neutral range. The Neutral Off Module then provides the command to automatically shut off the shift system, engine and accessories.

SNAS offers assurance that the vehicle will be in neutral at startup. Contact your nearest distributor for information and pricing.

Standard Features:

shifts the transmission to neutral after vehicle power is switched off;

12 VDC and 24 VDC operation;

Neutral Off capable when used with accessory box or NOM harness;

Temperature range of -40� to 85�C;

Intra-harness module introduction;

Included 10 ft. ignition harness;

Safety "time out" circuit; and

Variable shift interval, allowing use with pneumatic and hydraulic shift systems.

Electronic Shift Control (LP7-01)

  Today's light commercial truck, bus and recreational vehicle markets demand cost-effective electromechanical shift solutions.  Stone Bennett Corporation offers the latest addition to its proven line of electronic shift selectors.  The LP7 series electronc shift selector is designed to meet the duty requirements of light commercial truck and bus applications, but also to provide the appealing aesthetics necessary to reside inside today's well appointed, ergonomic cabin environments.

The LP7 series is simple by design, providing easy installation and a "no nonsense" operator interface.  IP67 sealed pushbuttons provide transmission range selection, which is indicated on the large, multi-segment LED display.  These durable components are housed in a rugged, yet refined injection molded ABS enclosure which, when installed, protrudes a mere 1/4 inch from the dash or pedestal.

Standard Features Include:

Same installation envelope as *Allison Transmission's World Transmission Control

Recessed, flush mounting hard button operators with engraved legends

Large, bright LED display capable of displaying a variety of range indications

IP67 sealing against moisture and particulates

12 or 24 VDC operation

Compatiblility with single control Bennett Shift Systems using the LP3-01 or LA2-12 shift selectors.

Options Include:

LED backlit pushbuttons

Heavy duty engraved aluminum button operators


*Allison is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation and is not affiliated with Stone Bennett Corporation.