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Transmission Shift Controls

 The Bennett Shift Control positions the transmission selector shaft by air or hydraulic pressure precisely as the transmission manufacturer intended and provides positive feedback to the driver for range indication.

The Bennett Control is designed for trouble free shifting of automatic and power shift transmissions.

Air Shifter

Air Shifter on * Allison 1000

Trust your transmission shift control requirements to over four decades of experience by requesting the proven Bennett Shift Control.

The Bennett Control is designed for trouble free shifting of automatic and power shift transmissions systems for Refuse Trucks, Buses and Off-Highway vehicles.

Why Stone Bennett Controls?  Reduced Transmission Overhauls, Longer Transmission Life and Protect your equipment.

Contact us for your application.


All harnesses include AMP connectors with gold plated pins and are designed to resist corrosion.

  • Panel Harness - Available in single or dual control configurations.
  • Master harness - Connects the Panel Harness to the Transmission Station and is available in 5 foot increments up to 55 feet.
  • Extension Harness - Used to extend the Master Harness or Panel Harness. Available in lengths up to 55 feet.

Sample System Layout

Single Control Auto-Neutral

Sample System Layout

Also Available in Dual Control


  Transmission Stations

  1.  Hydraulic

Hydraulic powered units are more durable, self lubricated by the transmission fluid and have a longer life span. The Shifter is powered by the pressure from the transmission pump resulting in a slower shift than the air-powered units.  Hydraulic units are typically used in On and Off Highway applications that do not have an air supply on their vehicles.  Units are also available for applications using Clark and Twin Disc Transmissions.  Contact your nearest distributor or the factory for additional information.


Air powered units are easy to maintain and install, light weight, perform well in hot and cold climates and are economically priced.

Optional Features


Reduce driver fatigue and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by specifying the Auto-Neutral option.  By simply setting and releasing the Park Brake, the driver can shift from reverse or drive to neutral.  The Auto-Neutral feature can be used in a single or dual station application and can be switched off at any time.

Accessory Box Features

RPM Shift Shock Protection

This feature prevents shifts from neutral to reverse or drive when engine speed is above the "Low Set" point or above idle.  RPM "Low Set" point may be adjusted to your specifications.

Neutral - Off - Module

Prevents voluntary engine shutdown in any range other than neutral.  This is a neutral - safety switch backup and assures that the truck will be started in neutral.

Accessory Box Options

Reverse or Neutral Relay -  Reverse relay may be used to control backup horns, lights and cameras.  Neutral relay may be used for engine speedup, for use in packing operations.

PTO Over speed Protection Relay - Disengages the PTO when maximum RPM is reached.















Range Selector Controls

Controls are available with pushbuttons, industrial toggle switches or joysticks for upshifting and downshifting of a transmission.  Available as a single or dual station control.  All controls are available for 12 or 24-volt systems.

*Allison is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation and is not affiliated with Stone Bennett Corporation.